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2013 Made-to-Measure Shirt Collection

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Custom Shirting

Dress • Casual • Specialty


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Custom Shirting

Dress • Casual • Specialty


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How It Works

Choose Your Shirt

Choose from our collection of luxury dress, casual and specialty shirts to look the part for every occasion. You can personalize each handcrafted shirt with your choice of collar, cuff, and fit.

Measure Up

Follow our simple online instructions to measure yourself — it takes less than 10 minutes. If you're in New York, contact us to schedule an in-person fitting.

Look the Part

We guarantee a perfect fit for your custom shirt. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll adjust or remake the shirt.

Stay in Charge

We keep your measurements in the system to ensure the same fit for every shirt you order. You can change your measurements any time to keep the sizing up to date.

What's in a BEYLER & TÜRK Shirt

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3-006-c collar fulham1 pink w white

Founded in Fashion

Our shirts are made-to-measure for the individual. But we’re a fashion brand, not a custom tailor shop. Our creative director, Peyman Umay, designs each shirt. The hallmark of our style is classic with an edge – traditional craftsmanship with attention to the little details that exude sophistication.

We strive to make shirts that fit the many dimensions of the modern gentleman's lifestyle. Our dress shirts pair well with jeans or a suit, and incorporate subtle details that show through when the tie comes off. And our casual shirts have classic touches, so they dress up well for an evening on the town.

Luxury Fabrics

We source all of our fabrics from the finest Turkish mills. Our fabrics are made exclusively from Egyptian and Aegean cottons, which are the most prized in the world for shirting. Their long-staple fiber structures produce incredibly soft and dense textiles with a natural sheen. A shirt is only as good as the materials that go into it and we want our shirts to be the finest in your closet. You’re going to feel the difference!


Traditional Craftsmanship

BEYLER & TÜRK shirts are handmade by seasoned artisans who work in small ateliers. They are not assembly line workers. They are expert craftsmen trained in bespoke tailoring.

We make our shirts to the highest manufacturing standards. Elements like high-quality interlinings, single needle construction and tri-fold plackets ensure a sturdy structure with a smooth elegant look. We always use a high stitch count (at least 18 stitches per inch) for strength and durability.


I'm very impressed! The shirt is classy and well constructed - buttons, seams, etc. The fabric is great, too."
Steve Ellis - Mesa, AZ
I wore my BEYLER & TÜRK shirt to a client meeting and it's all that anyone talked about for 15 minutes. The shirt is amazing!"
Michael Winterrowd - Palmyra, NJ
Customer service with BEYLER & TÜRK is top notch. They really know how to take care of their customers."